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Cirrus Logic DACs Provide New Space-Saving 6-8 Channel Performance

by October 28, 2004

Extending its expansive portfolio of high-performance analog and mixed-signal audio converter ICs, audio IC leader Cirrus Logic Inc. (Nasdaq:CRUS) unveiled two new 24-bit, 192 kHz, multi-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ICs, the CS4365 and CS4385. These high-performance, pin-compatible audio converters offer support for six and eight audio channels, giving system designers premium converters for high-end multi-channel audio applications such as sound cards, Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio players, home theater systems, digital mixing consoles, multi-track digital recorders, effects processors and automotive audio systems.

"Cirrus Logic's new converters, the CS4365 and CS4385, are ideal for high-end audio systems that require premium sound quality and the best analog audio performance available in the industry," said Carl Alberty, manager of Mixed-Signal Marketing, Cirrus Logic. "With Cirrus Logic's broad portfolio of analog and mixed signal ICs, audio system designers are able to rely on Cirrus Logic for a full line of audio converters to meet the price/performance needs of their entire product line."

The new CS4365/85 are the highest performance six- and eight-channel audio DACs available in the market, a position previously held by Cirrus Logic's first-generation multi-channel DACs, the CS4362/82. Improved overall low-noise performance is made possible by an advanced multi-bit Delta Sigma architecture with integrated mismatch noise shaping technology, resulting in dynamic range and THD+N specifications of 114 dB and -100 dB, respectively. Additional new features include a TDM serial interface and a proprietary Direct Stream Digital (DSD) processor for SACD applications, allowing for volume control and on-chip 50 kHz filtering without an intermediate decimation filter stage.

Cirrus Logic Introduces CS4365/85 Converter ICs
The highly integrated CS4365/85 converter family is designed to reduce costs for audio system manufacturers by minimizing the external electrical components required and saving valuable board space. On-chip level shifters for direct interface to logic levels from +1.8V to +5.0V, patented automatic mode selection based on sample rate detection, selectable low latency digital filters and pin-compatibility all contribute to making these high-end DACs a user-friendly design choice for cutting-edge audio products.

Pricing and Availability
The CS4365 and CS4385 are available in 48-lead, LQFP packages with lead-free assembly and are priced at $4.29 and $5.48, respectively, in quantities of 10,000.

About Cirrus Logic Inc.
Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital processing solutions for consumer entertainment electronics, automotive entertainment and industrial product applications. Building on its global market leadership in audio ICs and its rich mixed-signal patent portfolio, Cirrus Logic targets audio, video and precision mixed-signal applications in these growing markets. The company operates from headquarters in Austin, Texas, with offices in California, Colorado, Europe, Japan and Asia. More information about Cirrus Logic is available at www.cirrus.com .

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