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Boston Acoustics Ships Recepter Radio HD

by November 29, 2005

 PEABODY, MA, Nov. 30, 2005 - Boston Acoustics, Inc., a premier manufacturer of high performance audio solutions for use in home music and audio/video systems, aftermarket and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems, has begun shipments to retailers of the eagerly awaited Recepter Radio ® HD with digital HD Radio ™ technology by iBiquity Digital.

"We're very excited to be shipping the Recepter Radio HD to our dealers," said David Kroll, Director of Product Development. "We've filled all dealer back orders, and the indications are strong that major radio stations will apply significant marketing resources to drive consumer awareness of HD Radio. We expect consumer demand and interest to build quickly as we approach Christmas and New Year's Day."

"We are pleased consumers will now be able to hear what all the excitement is about," said Jeff Littlejohn, Executive Vice President of Distribution Development for Clear Channel Radio. "We are already broadcasting digitally on 200 of our stations, and Clear Channel Radio is committed to an accelerated roll-out to create a market for HD digital. Listeners will surely appreciate the highest quality listening experience, coupled with data services and multicasting programming available only through HD digital radio. We are truly enthusiastic about the digital radio experience." A division of Clear Channel Communications, Clear Channel Radio serves more than 110 million listeners each week in local communities throughout the U.S.

[BostonAcousticsRecepter2] The Recepter Radio HD is a compact, high-performance, stereo, digital AM/FM table model that delivers brilliant clarity and high-fidelity sound. It is also one of the first HD home radios to receive and seamlessly play the additional digital Multicast channels many stations are broadcasting. A compact satellite speaker, allowing listeners to enjoy the radio in true stereo, is included in the package, along with a mini credit-card sized remote control for extra convenience and ease of use.

Highly anticipated, the Recepter Radio HD broadens Boston Acoustics enormously popular Recepter Radio family. It features the dynamic, FCC-approved HD Radio technology developed by iBiquity Digital Corp., and brings The Boston Sound ™, long acclaimed for its accuracy, to a new audience of consumers.

[BostonRecepterremote] HD Radio technology radically upgrades sound quality and provides new wireless data services, while allowing digital broadcasts to be transmitted over existing AM/FM radio bands. Owners of the Recepter Radio HD will enjoy CD-quality audio and the elimination of static, hiss, pops, and fades. They will be able to take advantage of a boundless array of new entertainment and information possibilities, including special program content such as station call letters, song titles, artist names and additional text - even RBDS station information for non-HD broadcasts. A seamless conversion process lets broadcasters maintain the dial positions of existing stations. Consumers with HD Radio receivers will be able to hear many of their favorite AM and FM stations in unparalleled digital clarity. And FREE, with no additional or recurring subscription costs.

In addition to HD Radio technology, the Recepter Radio HD delivers wide dynamics and impressive tonal range, for the highest highs and lowest lows, assisted by patented BassTrac ® circuitry for bass performance out of proportion to its remarkably compact size. A stereo input accepts iPods, MP3 players and other external audio sources, and the radio's stereo headphone output doubles as a high-quality line output, allowing it to serve any component audio system as an HD Radio source.

[BostonAcousticsRecepterback] A high-quality tuner locks in on closely spaced stations, and a generous multi-line display shows song titles, artist names, station names, and other broadcast data. The Recepter Radio HD includes memory tuning for up to 20 AM/FM presets in any order desired, and incorporates two independent clock alarms that can be set for waking up to music or tone.

The Recepter Radio HD is available from authorized Boston Acoustics dealers at a suggested price of $499. For further information, visit the company's Web site at www.bostonacoustics.com/rrhd .

About Boston Acoustics
Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home music and audio-video systems, after-market and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems. Highly regarded for creating The Boston Sound™, the company is renowned for delivering superior, competitively priced products emphasizing performance, consistency and value. For further information, visit the company's Web site at www.bostonacoustics.com

About D & M Holdings Inc.
D & M Holdings Inc. is based in Tokyo and owns the Denon, Marantz, McIntosh Laboratory, Boston Acoustics, Snell Acoustics, D & M Professional, ReplayTV, and Escient brands. Denon, Marantz, McIntosh and D & M Professional are global industry leaders in the specialist home theater, audiovideo consumer electronics or professional audio markets, with a strong and long-standing heritage of manufacturing and marketing high-performance audio and video components. Boston Acoustics, with its signature The Boston Sound,™ is a leader in premium loudspeakers for home and audio markets. Snell is a super premium speaker brand. The ReplayTV and Escient brands represent award-winning technologies in digital home entertainment. Additional information is available at www.dm-holdings.com

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