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Beowulf - Is 3D Cinema a Sign of Things to Come?

by November 16, 2007
Angelina Jolie voices Grendels Mother

Angelina Jolie voices Grendel's Mother

Beowulf, the splashy production starring Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich opens today in theaters across America. But this isn’t an ordinary movie. It’s the biggest 3D presentation yet with over 700 theaters across North America ready to show it in the full 3D animation format. Movie goers can decide between IMAX 3D, Real D or Dolby 3D Digital Cinema.

While audiences will watch a wet, nude and CGI Angelina Jolie step out a subterranean lagoon, execs across the entertainment industry will be watching box office tallies. That’s because a lot of big money is being bet that audiences will be left clamoring for more digital 3D. It could be the next cinematic hook that gives the Movie Theater a leg up on home theater and piracy.

Greg Foster, President of IMAX has his 3D glasses focused on the PG-13 demographic. He’s already pleased to report that opening weekend presentations of “Beowulf” are practically sold out. Foster's aiming for the teen and young adult audiences who he believes will be excited by the new format.

Current estimates speculate thousands more 3D movie theaters coming online by 2009. Big budget projects are already underway to fill the seats of the new digital movie houses. Dreamworks Animation is working on “Monsters vs. Aliens,” sure to be a real gem. James Cameron is also readying his 3D science fiction thriller “Avatar.” Warner, a strong 3D supporter, reports it’ll release the next Batman movie “The Dark Knight” in 3D. And if that weren’t enough 3D thrills and chills you’ll also get to see a U2 concert presented in full IMAX 3D early next year - now that’s scary!

Will 3D be the next big thing in motion picture technology, comparable to sound and color? Or will it prove to be just another  fad?

Fortunes will surely be riding on Monday morning’s box office tallies.

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Recent Forum Posts:

Nomo posts on December 09, 2007 09:08
Saw it yesterday with my son. Not in 3D. I thought the plot had some very good ideas but was very poorly executed.
Angelina, Oh yeah, she looked good. At least as real as she looks in real life.
Sheep posts on December 02, 2007 03:21

I saw this the other night. If they had better facial expression and proper voicing it would have been 10 times better. Those 2 things, are whatch killed hte concept for me.

However, CGI Boobies are a plus. Angelina looked real.

highfihoney posts on November 26, 2007 06:31
I tried to watch it last night,i thought the 3 d stuff was terrible & not pulled off very well,i also agree that 3 d should not cover human movement,its not natural looking.

I made it through about 20 minutes of the movie before i got bored & turned it off,what a lame script,the wife talked me into finish watching it so i tried it a 2nd time,this time i made it about half way through before i couldnt take it any longer.

Worst movie ive seen in many years,i'd have more fun watching Sponge Bob Square Pants reruns on nick than i did watching that mess of a movie.
Gasman posts on November 25, 2007 20:36
AcuDefTechGuy, post: 332124
If it ever comes to the day when 3D Animation looks EXACTLY like REAL PEOPLE, then great.
But so far, they all look 100% FAKE. If humans look like Frankenstein or zombies, 3D Animation would work.
Yeah, but damn Grendel's mom looked sexy (VERY seductive).
LOL, just got back from seeing the movie.
pcefrog posts on November 25, 2007 20:04
My opinion

Just saw Beowulf in IMAX 3D….i thought it was great…if you go in thinking its a good cartoon, not that they are trying to replace actors…instead of a generic looking king they made the king Anthony Hopkins(cameron diaz in shrek?) you wear the glasses all the way through the movie….not just a few scenes…..special effects i thought were awesome and i cant wait for more movies to come out like this… id like to see a war movie
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