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Belkin TuneStage for iPod

by May 23, 2005

 COMPTON, Calif. - May 23, 2005 - Belkin Corporation announces TuneStage(TM) for iPod(R), a device that allows you to play the songs from your iPod through your home theater wirelessly via Bluetooth(TM) technology. With a transmitter connected to your iPod and a receiver hooked up via RCA or 3.5mm to your system, TuneStage offers reliable, high-quality sound without the clutter of cables. The TuneStage fits all-size iPod devices with a dock connector. It will begin shipping in North America in late July 2005.

TuneStage for iPod (F8Z901) - $179.99

TuneStage delivers pristine, high-quality sound through a home stereo environment. Using advanced Bluetooth v1.2 technology, TuneStage can transmit from up to 33 feet away from your stereo, free of the barriers that limit traditional remotes -- such as walls, ceilings, or windows.

Wirelessly connected through TuneStage, your iPod becomes the ultimate remote, giving you absolute control of your music. Since the unit draws power directly from the iPod, it needs no batteries or extra cables.

[BelkinTuneStage1] Benefits

  • Uses advanced Bluetooth v1.2 wireless technology
  • Connects to your home stereo via 3.5mm audio or RCA stereo outputs
  • Includes 7 ft. Gold Series RCA stereo cable
  • Requires no batteries; automatically powers on or off with the iPod
  • Transmitter features low power consumption of less than 40mA
  • Requires no software installation -- offers Plug-and-Play, out-of-the-box convenience

About Belkin Corporation
Belkin Corporation, the global leader in connectivity solutions, offers a range of innovations for the computer, electronics, and mobile consumer. With a diverse and far-reaching product mix consisting of home and enterprise networking, audio video solutions, KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) and peripheral sharing, power protection and cabling, as well as USB and FireWire(R) devices, Belkin extends its reach also to Bluetooth(TM), cellular, PDA, iPod(R), and other solutions for mobile computing. Belkin's end-to-end VoIP solution allows wholesale VoIP customers to rapidly deploy a customized branded VoIP service with minimal up-front cost. Belkin products are available through http://www.belkin.com as well as through a network of major distributors, resellers, and superstores.

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