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Axion Launches World’s Smallest Handheld Rechargeable TFT LCD TV

by June 27, 2004

April 4, 2004 - The AXION branded ACN-5327 (MSRP $149) is a 2.5" TFT LCD handheld TV features built-in rechargeable circuitry, and includes four Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries with an AC adaptor/charger. Axion's new line of "truly portable" handheld TVs focus on delivering convenience for consumers to bring along their favorite TV programs everywhere they go.

The ACN-5327's sleek, slim design makes it the perfect handheld TV for almost any activity. The bright, high contrast Active Matrix TFT LCD display provides you with vivid images right in the palm of your hand. The ACN-5327 can provide up to four hours of entertainment on a full charge.

"Minnie" is available in five outstanding colors that fit your own style - Metallic Silver, Pearl White, Metallic Grey, Pink, and Ice Blue.

With the introduction of the "Minnie" series, the handheld television has evolved," said Afshin Behrouz, America Action's National Sales Director. "Gone are the days of continually buying batteries just to have to replace them in a few hours."

About Axion
Established in 1983, America Action Inc., (AXION), has grown from a local sales center to a competitive consumer electronics (CE) importer and distributor in 21 years. AXION provides a full line of portable/compact CE displays and multimedia entertainment products, such as handheld and portable LCD TVs, personal gadgets, wireless monitoring systems, and other innovative CE products. AXION is constantly expanding its product lines to respond to the needs of the consumers. AXION is a company built upon reliability, commitment, and support.

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