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Audiogurus.com Review – Audioholics is NOT affiliated with Audiogurus.com

by staff April 10, 2013
Audiogurus Store Logo

Audiogurus Store Logo

Audioholics has NO affiliation with the Audiogurus online store.

Back in 2007 we were given the opportunity to license the Audioholics name to an independently run storefront.  The initial concept evolved over time and the store grew in both sales volume and in the number of manufacturers who wanted to be part of something so new and innovative.

Unfortunately having an online store parked on our domain was negatively impacting our reputation, traffic and SEO.  We needed to protect our editorial site from further damages and the owners of the Audioholics Store agreed.  So, we ended the partnership amicably and asked them to move to a different domain.  Thus Audiogurus was born.  After about a year we started noticing their customers were calling and emailing Audioholics.com mistakenly thinking we had an online store and either wanted to buy products or get serviced on products they've recently purchased.

Audiogurus is using the Audioholics name without our permission.

Our partnership ended in 2014 and we issued a cease and desist to Audiogurus.com to stop using the Audioholics name in their marketing efforts and operation. Audiogurus was operating under the Business Name Audioholics Store prior to that without our consent. In time of writing this editorial, Audiogurus has outstanding debt in the state of Delaware and doesn't have an active license to operate in its home state of Florida. If you discover Audiogurus using the Audioholics.com in any fashion, please disregard and report this to us at: [email protected] with title: "Audiogurus using Audioholics Name".

Please note Audioholics, LLC has NO Affiliation with Audiogurus whatsoever. For these reasons, Audioholics does not recognize any promised privileges or support if you patronize their store. We wanted to make it clear that Audiogurus does NOT have the legal right nor our permission to use the Audioholics name in any way, nor are they affiliated with Audioholics, LLC or Audioholics.com in any way.

We are saddened for the confusion that Audiogurus is causing their customers and our readers by continuing to violate our name.

Our legal counsel has issued Audiogurus an immediate Cease and Desist from using the Audioholics name in any form whether it be in their business name or on their website referencing an Audioholics Store. However, they have ignored the cease and desist and we are now looking into other legal options to resolve this issue.

The Audioholics name has proprietary intellectual protection and has not currently licensed the use in any form to any third party including but not limited to Audiogurus. Thank you.

Please review the Audiogurus Reseller Rating to learn more about how their business operates.