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Audioholics CEDIA 2007 Show Coverage!

by September 05, 2007
CEDIA 2007 Show Coverage and Videos

CEDIA 2007 Show Coverage and Videos

Audioholics is heading out to the 2007 CEDIA Expo in Denver again this year (may it NEVER go back to Indianapolis!) and we are bringing a troop of people with us. All told, we've got seven going this year, including myself (Clint), Gene, Tom, Dina (from AVRant.com), J Clarke, Tony and Eric (videographer extraordinaire.) What can you expect?

  • Podcasts - Tom and Dina are here and they aren't about to let AVRanters hanging. Expect at least one or two podcasts from the show.
  • Video(s) - We're shooting a Best of CEDIA Show this year and will be bringing you the details and info on all the hottest items. Hosted by Tom Andry and Dina Clarke with plenty of guest appearances by the rest of the Audioholics staff.
  • Show Coverage - We're not dropping the ball just because we're adding more stuff to our plate. Look for over a hundred pages of show coverage on our CEDIA Trade Show Page (going online Wednesday evening) as well as Editorials about our adventure.

This year marks the culmination of some things we've been working on throughout the year and with some experimentations we've done in past shows. We will be shooting and producing a show from the show floor that will demonstrate the best of CEDIA in multiple categories such as displays, loudspeakers, portable devices, amplifiers, receivers, in/on-wall products and more. The show will be hosted by Tom Andry and Dina Clarke (from AVRant.com) and will be chock full of details, tidbits and news items from the show.

We can't wait to bring it to you and hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together... actually, we hope you enjoy it much more than that, lol.

Our own Tom Andry got into the show a day early (shhhh!) and is scoping out some of the hottest items for us to cover online tomorrow. With his secret Ninja skills we should be in a great position to scoop most of the hot products and technologies. Or he'll get arrested and kicked out... Either way it should make for a good Editorial.

In addition to video, we'll still be bringing you tons of info online in our standard format so that you can get pics and info about all the new items being shown off at this year's CEDIA. Look for that information starting tonight on our CEDIA page. Most of the show coverage will show up during the day on Thursday and the videos will be attempted over the weekend and through the beginning of next week.

More to come!

egr2rst posts on September 18, 2007 12:09
Where's the video?

I thought you were going to have video with Tom and the Babe? Where is it?
mtrycrafts posts on September 14, 2007 16:03
Clint DeBoer, post: 308524
If anything, they should tout the black level output at 7.5IRE in a completely black room. THAT would impress me.

Yes, that would be impressive and useful and maybe embarrassing to the makers
Xander posts on September 14, 2007 08:39
video coverage

when do the videos go up?
Audioholics posts on September 13, 2007 13:54
northreign, post: 306997
At least its a little more factual then less even if its totally made up. Why all the hate for the panny? No one put the wrong number on the 50,000:1 Epson.
Absolutely NO hate for Panny. Just funny is all. Contrast ratios are touted as being important by the manufacturer and PR companies but for years we, and every other publication I know of have been educating consumers that the numbers are basically useless. Get your blacks low - period. None of those contrast ratio numbers are real world, or even close to it when you run the lamps in low power mode and shut off the typically useless auto Iris or ambient light settings.

A lot of times increased CR means that the projector simply has more lumen output on the top end - something I don't find important at all in a home theater setting. If anything, they should tout the black level output at 7.5IRE in a completely black room. THAT would impress me.
birdonthebeach posts on September 13, 2007 11:20
Thanks. And you are right, Macs ARE better (mine had no problem reading the thumb drives)!!

(Just pickin, clint!!!)
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