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Artison Debuts Ultra Thin Attachable LCR-DM DualMono Speakers

by October 08, 2010
Artison LCR-DM DualMono Speakers

Artison LCR-DM DualMono Speakers

Artison, a manufacturer of custom high-performance loudspeakers, introduced its new thin attachable LCR DualMono (LCR-DM) speakers at CEDIA 2010. The lineup included the new Masterpiece LCR-DM, as well as Portrait LCR-DM and Sketch LCR-DM models. The loudspeakers all feature “Easy Match Custom Grilles” that are sold separately and shipped within 48 hours.  Artison’s LCR-DM’s have been completely re-designed to match today’s ultra-thin flat-panel displays, providing a high-performance audio solution for discriminating home entertainment enthusiasts who want to enjoy a Total Involvement Experience. The new Masterpiece, Portrait and Sketch LCR-DMs will be available in September 2010.

Artison’s new attachable LCR-DM speakers deliver high fidelity performance audio with new driver technologies including Inverted Magnet Woofers for powerful and engaging audio. They function as seamless, nearly invisible additions to virtually any flat panel display.

The Masterpiece LCR-DM features leading-edge Curved Line Arrays utilizing eight 25 mm full range drivers. Curved Line Arrays combined with the Inverted Magnet Structure 5.5” Long Throw Kevlar Midrange/Woofers; provides a low crossover frequency from the woofer to the midrange of 800 Hz, keeping all drivers in piston mode and reducing distortion. The Curved Line Array design controls the vertical dispersion pattern of the speaker and provides a wide horizontal pattern. All of the advanced sonic technologies in the Masterpiece LCR-DM work together to deliver the powerful, crystal clear audio that defines the Artison Total Involvement Experience.

Artison’s Patented DualMono Center Channel Technology

All LCR-DM speakers includes all three front-channel speakers (Left, Right, Center) in two slim enclosures utilizing Artison’s patented DualMono Center Channel technology, which projects crisp clear dialog in the center of the screen rather than above or below the set. Side-firing Stage Tweeters widen the soundstage giving the listener a more powerful Home Theater experience.

Cary Christie, founder, President and CEO of Artison, noted: “Today’s flat panel TV owners are looking for a more engaging audio experience to complement their high technology video experience. They want cinema-like ‘home theater,’ and that means not just room-filling audio for special effects and music, but a system that brings everything together the way the director intended – with dialog coming from the center of the screen, where the actors’ voices are coming from. Our new LCR-DMs are intended to allow for true audio/video integration and state-of-the-art sound – a Total Involvement Experience.”

Artison’s new LCR-DM speakers are designed for ease of use, performance and aesthetics. Custom integrators simply attach the speakers to their televisions using Artison’s innovative Thin Universal Mounting Brackets, literally hiding them in plain sight.

Check out the driver complement for each new Artison LCR-DM speaker:


  • Two 5.5” Kevlar, Long Throw Midrange/Woofers with Inverted Magnet Structure
  • Two Curved Line Arrays using eight 25mm Aluminum Full Range Drivers
  • One 25mm Silk Dome Stage Tweeter
  • MSRP: $2,800



  • Two 4.5” Kevlar, Long Throw Midrange/Woofers with Inverted Magnet Structure
  • Two 25mm Super Audio Tweeters with Swivel Mount
  • One 25mm Silk Dome Stage Tweeter
  • MSRP: $2,000



  • Two 4.5” Polypropylene, Long Throw Midrange/Woofers with Inverted Magnet Structure
  • Two 27mm Super Audio Tweeters
  • One 25mm Stage Tweeter
  • MSRP: $1,350


Easy Match Custom Grilles

The new Artison LCR-DMs’ “Easy Match Custom Grilles” are cosmetically matched for both the height and color of a user’s flat panel TV. The Masterpiece LCR-DM may be installed flush with most displays above 55” and as thin as 8mm deep, providing a seamless aesthetic effect.  The Portrait and Sketch LCR-DMs are compatible with displays 46” and larger. All custom grilles are made to order and shipped within 48 hours of purchase. For ease of installation, all necessary hardware and an Allen wrench are included in the speaker box. Custom installation professionals will also appreciate how easy the new attachable LCR-DM systems are to install, featuring a new thin UMB.

About Artison
Artison was founded in 2003 with a commitment to the development of ahead-of-the-curve, lifestyle-enhancing home entertainment solutions. Led by renowned speaker designer Cary Christie, Artison has demonstrated its expertise with technological innovations and advancements that enhance consumers' home audio and video enjoyment and deliver a unique Total Involvement Experience™. The company is headquartered at 774 Mays Boulevard, Suite 10-183, Incline Village, NV 89451, phone 775-833-4344, or visit the ARTISON Web site at www.artisonusa.com.

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