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Agilent Providing HDMI 1.3 Testing

by June 21, 2007

Agilent Technologies is shipping its HDMI 1.3b compliance solution to five HDMI authorized test centers worldwide. In addition, Agilent leads HDMI 1.3 with volume shipments of its complete HDMI compliance solution to customers with a typical delivery of six weeks.

The revised HDMI specification, 1.3, more than doubles the previous data rates to a 3.4 Gb/s rate, which significantly improves performance for high-definition devices such as DVD players, high-definition (HD) televisions, and the new gaming devices by introducing new features such as deep color support. It defines the new HD video and audio technology.

Several Agilent instruments, including the E4887A TMDS Signal Generator and the DSO80804B Infiniium Oscilloscope, have been selected as recommended test equipment in the HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) version 1.3b.

This designation is the HDMI.org's high endorsement for test equipment recommended for compliance test labs as well as recognised for delivering the highest confidence for all HDMI product development.

The Agilent HDMI solution provides, among other benefits:

  • Fast calibration time and test throughput, which increase productivity up to 50 %
  • In-depth characterization of HDMI source devices
  • The complete HDMI receiver characterization, with unique, fully integrated and instant-use jitter-injection capabilities on TMDS clock and data lanes and
  • High bandwidth available on the market allowing users to measure the true performance of their products by overcoming the limitations of existing solutions

The complete Agilent test solution for HDMI CTS 1.3b includes high-performance hardware and complementary software for design and test engineers in consumer electronics, semiconductor and cable manufacturers.

Key elements incorporated into the solution include the DSO 80000B real-time oscilloscope with a new version of N5399A HDMI compliance test software; E4887A TMDS signal generator with cable emulators; 86100C digital communications analyzer; N1080A TPAs (Test Point Access Assemblies or fixtures); N5990A test automation software platform; and N5998A protocol / audio / video analyzer and generator.

"Agilent has worked closely with the HDMI founders since the start of the discussions of CTS 1.3," said Brian Fetz, applications product manager for video technologies at Agilent's Design Validation Division.

"After a continuous and thorough qualification process, the CTS 1.3 release recommended Agilent's solution for the compliance testing process. The Authorized Test Centers confirmed their acceptance of Agilent's solution because of its completeness as a solution for HDMI compliance tests, its performance and its dedication in offering industry-leading serial data generation and analysis test capabilities to speed up HDMI 1.3 tests."

"To guarantee the conformity with the HDMI CTS 1.3b and ultimately the development of successful products that implement the HDMI 1.3 specification, high-quality tests and accurate instruments and solutions are essential," said Leslie Chard, president of HDMI Licensing LLC.

"Throughout the CTS 1.3 discussion and qualification process with its test solutions, Agilent has confirmed its value to HDMI adopters."

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