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2007 Consumer Excellence Awards Information

by July 18, 2007
2007 Consumer Excellence Awards

2007 Consumer Excellence Awards

Audioholics is introducing a brand new Award that it will deliver to manufacturers for products that push the limits of consumer excellence and excel in their respective categories. There has been so much advancement in technology lately that it is important to highlight those products which exceed industry norms and deliver consistent excellent results to consumers, custom installers and retailers alike.

We want to announce these products to our readers early and recognize the companies who are advancing the consumer electronics industry. Out of this desire, the Consumer Excellence Awards were created.

The Awards

The "Consumer Excellence" awards are given to 1 product in each of 40 subcategories. We will also award up to 2 additional "C.E. Hot Product" awards for each of the available product categories. The actual Consumer Excellence Awards will be awarded, presented and delivered to the manufacturers the third week in August. Click here to enter.

The Criteria and Judging Process

Consumer Excellence AwardEach product submission will be carefully examined by four members of the Audioholics staff who will individually select three top products from each subcategory, ranked from 1-3. These selections will then be compared publicly to arrive at a consensus on the award-winning products. Criteria for winning submissions include:

  • Advanced audio and video technologies pushing the CE market - product and technology innovation
  • Uniqueness in CE market
  • Time or money-saving features, including ease of use
  • Value for end-user and/or custom installer


Submitted applications must be on behalf of real products - either currently shipping or scheduled to ship with a firm deadline before March 31, 2008. Products must have all information correctly filled out on the submission form and the entry fee must be paid by the submission deadline date. There is no limit to the number of products that can be submitted and manufacturers may be domestic or international. If you represent a Service or technology, please submit an entry through a manufacturer partner that utilizes or integrates your services.


Submission deadline: October 12, 2007

Administrative Entry Fee

$150 for first product; $100 for each additional product submission

Simply read our Entry Rules and completely fill out the form below.
Once this form is completed, please print and fax the adminstration form to us at 888-205-3402.

Each product will require its own separate entry but only one Administration form needs to be faxed.

View 2007 Consumer Excellence Award Winners

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