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Cuddlebag Features


I can't deny it. I've tried, but it haunts me as something that will forever mark my life as a memory that cannot be shaken: I love bean bags. One of the most pleasant experiences I can remember was sinking into an oversized gigantic beanbag chair that completely enveloped me such that I thought I may not ever be able to escape its clutches (of course, being 3 at the time this meant that the bag could have been about 3 feet wide). Still, I have always loved the idea of a chair that truly conforms itself to the shape of your body. I thought the day of the bean bag had come and gone - but Cuddlebag has brought it back with a twist.

Gone are the noisy bags of yesteryear whose beany textures filled your ears with the sound of a giant chewing a mouthful of frozen chick peas. Gone are the pleather surfaces that stick to your legs and hands, peeling off with the sound of a roll of saran wrap slowly leaving the spool. Vanquished is the pool of sweat left over in the chair as you rise from having spent a mere 5 minutes trapped in its clutches. Now, like a warm cozy Hobbit hole, the Cuddlebag has redefined the bean bag chair into a simple word: COMFORT. Let's observe the features of the new bags:

Microfiber covers that are washable and removable (there is an inner bag that holds the foam)

  • Multiple size and color choices
  • Polyurethane (read: silent) memory foam stuffing
  • Accessory pillows and ottomans available

And for dealers there are other helpful features like available drop shipping and 50% gross margins. Plus these bags are extremely easy to install and there's no doubt they're comfortable.


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