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Cineak Motorized Articulating Headrest Preview

Cineak Motorized Articulating Headrest Preview

Cineak Motorized Articulating Headrest Preview


  • Product Name: Motorized Articulating Headrest Preview
  • Manufacturer: Cineak
  • Review Date: January 10, 2012 13:42
  • MSRP: $Option Pricing Varies
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Lean back in any reclined theater chair and you'll soon appreciate the importance of an articulating headrest. Add motorization to that and it might just be the most perfect feature we've ever come across. When seated in the reclined or inclined position while watching movies, one of the key elements to comfort is the ability to adjust the position of your headrest. In my Berkline chairs, one of the problems I have is that my neck is not properly supported. Watch a 2 hour movie and you will often come away with a neck ache (and yes, we're desperately trying to keep this all in its proper perspective, still). An articulating headrest will allow for proper neck support while viewing an image on the screen no matter what recline position the back rest is in. As we've found, the lack of such feature can result in back and neck pains and a greatly diminished movie-watching experience. Check out the motorized Cineak Articulating Headrest option in action here:

Most of Cineak's theater seating products have this feature, but now CINEAK is offering this feature as a motorized option. Now, at the push of a button the headrest moves forwards/backwards and can be adjusted to the desired viewing position. The push button is available in black or silver to match just about any trim style on any seat. Pricing is based on the accessory package selected and the seating style.

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