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AV Tip: Recess Your TV Outlets

by December 27, 2012
Recessed TV Outlet

Recessed TV Outlet

Lots of people are starting to wall-mount their televisions, but with TVs getting thinner and thinner there are some challenges. One of the most common problems I've experienced has been power cord clearance. While HDMI cables can be made quite thin, often it's the power cord that obstinately sticks out of the TV and prevents you from tilting it properly or otherwise utilizing that new "ultra-slim" wall mount you just purchased. For many, the solution is to use a recessed power outlet when you (or your electrician) run the power for your television. 

While it's true that locating the power just above the wall mount also helps, combining that with a recessed outlet ensures that the bulkiest power cable can now safely clear the wall and television. And don't miss our first subtle hint, either-make sure that your connection and power plates are higher up, so that when the TV is tilted down you don't crush your HDMI or digital audio cables. 

There are also lots of choices when it comes to a recessed outlet, so shop around. You may simply need an outlet, or you may opt for a dual-gang box that also makes provision for your audio and video cables as well. 


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