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RBH ProStereo H2 Wireless Earphones Review

RBH Sound ProStereo H2 Headphones

RBH Sound ProStereo H2 Headphones


  • Product Name: ProStereo H2
  • Manufacturer: RBH
  • Review Date: July 10, 2018 00:00
  • MSRP: $149
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!

 ProStereo H2

  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.2
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HSP,HFP,AVRCP,A2DP
  • Operating Distance: 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Headphone Music Time: Up to 9 hours Headphone
  • Talk Time: Up to 9 hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 200 hours
  • Headphone Charging Time: Approx 2 hours
  • Water Resistant Rating: IPX4
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz-20kHz
  • Dimension (headphone): 1.18” x .52” x .95” (30mmx13.3mmx24 mm)
  • Weight:. 46 oz. (13 grams)
  • Warranty: 2 years/1 year on the battery (excluding the Comply™ Foam Tips and Spinfit® Tips*)
  • RBH Edition Contains: Includes 1 pair of H2 headphones, 3 pairs standard eartips, 3 pairs SpinFit®† eartips, 3 pairs Comply™* Foam Tips, protective carrying case, USB charging cable and user’s manual.

RBH has done it again! Reception had been positive for the RBH EP-SB back in 2015, at the time it was one of the most advanced pair of wireless earphones you could buy. RBH has adapted to significant changes in Bluetooth audio technology since 2015, all while maintaining the quality in their portable products that ensure they sound great. RBH is best known for home theater speaker systems, but now has years of experience making affordable, high-performance headphones and earbuds. This experience shows in the new ProStereo H2 wireless earphones. The new earbuds were built as a result of a design and engineering partnership with i.Tech, the company that distributes the ProStereo H2 (the same product) in Asia. The earphones feature key improvements over the EP-SB in build quality, durability and best of all, in the electronics. They’re packed with the right features to make them the must-have earbuds for any Android phone user that wants to take advantage of the latest hi-resolution audio codecs available.

RBH Sound ProStereo H2 Wireless Earphones YouTube Review


The most impressive feature packed into the RBH ProStereo H2 is high fidelity Bluetooth audio. Armed with Bluetooth version 4.2, it spans all the Android-compatible codecs, from the Bluetooth sub-band codec (SBC) to aptX, aptX HD and LDAC. All that audio is brought to you by a small and highly efficient 32-bit/384kHz output AKM+ digital audio codec (DAC) & headphone amplifier chip.

When the RBH ProStereo H2 were presented at CES 2018, no other earbuds featured both of the latest competing hi-res audio codecs - aptX HD *and* LDAC.


ProStereo H2 EartipsFor years aptX has been the Bluetooth codec of choice for music-loving Android smartphone users. By default, most online music services avoid hogging wireless data bandwidth by streaming at a lower bitrate, somewhere down around the equivalent of 128-bit MP3. But for those of us that like to tinker with our settings to squeeze a little extra performance out of our audio, aptX offered that little bit extra over the Bluetooth standard SBC.

Just in case you’re not familiar with just how advanced Bluetooth codecs have become in 2018, here’s a little refresher.

All of today’s Bluetooth audio codecs use a lossy compression algorithm and SBC is the default Bluetooth audio codec. SBC is fine for music services default, low-band settings. But if you wanted to take advantage of higher data-rates or if you’re playing back lossless music files, only recently has there been a wireless option for your premium streaming habits. Qualcomm, the makers of aptX, have launched a new higher resolution codec called aptX HD that can reach a throughput of 576-kbps. Qualcomm’s latest codec is aptX HD and it brings your wireless listening experience into the range of high-resolution at 24-bit/48kHz. It’s perfect for high-res FLAC files stored on your phone.

Codecs and Bitrates Comparison

  • AAC: 250 kbps
  • SBC: 328 kbps
  • aptX: 352 kbps
  • aptX HD: 576 kbps
  • LDAC: 990 kbps

Sony, the brand that famously never turns down a format war, launched its own Bluetooth audio codec called LDAC with the capability of up to 990-kbps. It’s the only Bluetooth audio codec to date capable of true high-resolution audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz. But what makes Sony’s LDAC truly revolutionary is that it’s built into the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo. This means that if you have any brand of Oreo phone, it most likely streams LDAC.

Compatibility with both aptX HD and LDAC makes the ProStereo H2 a truly rare breed. So, whether you’re a high-res audio skeptic or not - why wouldn’t you want the very best sound reproduction possible?

No Fear of Rain While You Share the Music

Besides being a Bluetooth codec jack-of-all-trades it has a few more slick features. Like the EP-SB, the ProStereo H2 is water resistant with an IPX4 rating, which means it’s been tested to withstand water being splashed from any direction onto the parts housing the sensitive electronics. It’s perfect for hikes or runs even if it looks like rain outside. But you have to remember, to close the micro-USB connector with the attached rubber cap to be truly H20 resistant.

If you happen to have any friends using the same earbuds, the ProStereo H2 has a unique music sharing feature that lets you wirelessly connect two pairs together so you can both hear music from the same source. Connecting two pairs together is a real plus if you and a significant other  are keeping your new year’s resolution and staying active outdoors together. Jogging to the same playlist is fun, but please be generous. Giving space on a shared playlist is one of the keys to a happy relationship.

ProStereo H2 Controls 2

RBH ProStereo H2 Controls

Like other RBH products, ProStereo H2 goes for a rather flat frequency response, not emphasizing too much bass or too much high frequency. But if you’re in the mood for changing up the tone, H2 includes four digital EQ settings. Holding down the volume up and the multi-function button at the same time allows you to toggle between Normal, Bass, Jazz and Rock setting. The digital EQ is a nice to have, unfortunately there is no notification as to which mode you’re in as you cycle through them. A built-in voice-notification system tells you when your earbuds are turned on, connected, pairing or when the EQ mode has been activated or switched. But having the voice tell the user exactly which EQ mode is active would have been a real help. You just have to remember that there are four settings and to get back to normal you have to the math as you toggle through them all. The easiest solution is to power down and back on to get back to the Normal mode.

Battery Life

One of the best improvements in the ProStereo H2 over RBH’s previous wireless earphones is battery life. The H2 is rated at a stunning 10-hours, doubling the five-hour battery life of the EP-SB. In practice the battery lasts so long that it’s difficult to run a continuous test because it surpasses an 8-hour workday. I’ve use them almost continuously for multiple work-days before charging them again.

Build Quality

The ProStereo H2 are built as solid as a Tonka truck. The rugged plastic earpieces are connected by a flat rubber cable tightly wrapped a nylon fabric that resists tangling and provides water resistance while keeping the rubber from sticking to clothes and skin as you move. Off the right earpiece is the headphone control unit that features large, easy-access volume and a multi-function buttons. While the earpieces are in you can easily find the control you’re looking for by sense of feel. The plus/minus shaped buttons (volume up/down)  flanking a round center button (power) are a nice touch for easy identification. Between the three buttons you get all the necessary Bluetooth controls including volume, power, skip, back and digital EQ settings.

RBH ProStereo H2 2

The earpieces come with optional plastic stabilizers you can use to hold them in place in your ears, but I’ve personally never felt I needed them. They also come with a clip to gather any excess cable behind your neck, another inclusion I’ve never felt I needed.

The best inclusion with your ProStereo H2 however, are multiple pairs of eartips including SpinFit silicone eartips and Comply memory foam eartips. By far the biggest treat in audio is using a fresh pair of Comply memory foam eartips. The memory foam forms a comfortable seal inside your ear canal that provides the best acoustic isolation and sound quality. The comfort of these eartips cannot be understated, the existence of memory foam eartips converted me from a strictly headphone user to an enthusiastic user of the in-ear monitor (IEM) form factor. I realized the main reason I hated earbuds so much was I couldn’t stand the feeling of silicon in my ears. Comply memory foam eartips changed all that for me back when I first reviewed RBH’s EP-SB in 2015.

Sound Quality

The RBH ProStereo H2 are instantly my favorite pair of earbuds. The sound quality surpasses what I’d expect from wireless IEMs, they provide me the the feeling and full-range of my music. Switching between styles of music, from rock and R&B to jazz and electronica, the sound always stayed interesting. As with previous RBH earphones, the ProStereo H2 doesn’t pump up the mid-bass, a common practice in modern headphones to tailor the sound to a taste in today’s pop music. Instead, RBH offers a sophisticated flat frequency response that lets your source music really shine through.

The Comply eartips really seal the deal when it comes to providing that extra detail in the low-end without sacrificing any of the highs. But let’s face it, although audiophiles talk the talk about wanting a flat frequency response from speakers, headphones and earbuds - there’s no denying that the right tweak from a digital EQ can inject a level of “fun” into your sound, even if that fun quality is short-lived. Anyone looking for a more conventional *pop-music* audio quality with that bump in the midbass will appreciate the digital EQ set to 'Bass'.

The 'Rock' and 'Jazz' settings felt a bit closer to a V-shaped audio signature that the ProStereo H2 excels at. All the deep boom of the the kick-drum effortlessly lives alongside crystal detail in the high-hat. But the 'Normal' setting remains my go-to, there is no getting around the artificial sounding tonality that digital EQ provides. But, digital EQ has a place when dealing with lower quality music files or overly-compressed sources. The ProStereo H2 EQ settings will convey a sense of opening up poor-sounding, low-bit or overly-compressed digital music. But, anything approaching 320-bit MP3 or hi-res music files generally shouldn’t need digital EQ. Your mileage may vary.

Work Music Playlist

My Tidal Hi-Fi account provides me with a 1411-bitrate I use it almost all day for work. I’m always on the hunt for non-lyrical music to help me focus on writing without the distractions of words seeping into my brain from my music. Lately, I’ve discovered that if the lyrics aren’t in English, it’s as good as no lyrics at all. So, I’ve been experimenting with a style called Cuban Boleros, a laid-back style of Cuban jazz. The even let the Tidal “music discovery” algorithm take me down a rabbit-hole of Spanish language jazz. The ProStereo H2 conveyed all the beauty and emotion in the music and the Spanish language. I felt the music despite not understanding a single word, making it the perfect companion for my work. Since many of the Boleros recordings are older (dating back to the 1940s) they don’t always sound so pristine. The ProStereo H2 are unforgiving with poorer quality recordings, and many old recordings from the 40s and older have a tendency to bring out a harsh tonality in the upper-midrange and there’s not much hitting down low. This sounded like a job for the Jazz EQ setting! And indeed, using the Jazz setting succeeded in providing the illusion of a better quality recording by widening the frequency range.


RBH H2 boxFor RBH’s asking price of $150 with free shipping, a 30-day money back guarantee, 3 pairs standard eartips, 3 pairs SpinFit eartips and best of all 3 pairs Comply Foam Tips - you can’t beat it. You get a Swiss army knife of Bluetooth codecs for Android. The drawback however is that  the ProStereo H2 aren’t optimized for Apple iOS because it doesn’t decode the AAC codec. AAC would have been the final step in making them the perfect wireless earbuds for any category of smartphone. But iPhone users don’t have many options in wireless headphones as not many natively decode AAC sources. So, whether iPhone users know it or not - their wireless streaming is usually being transcoded over to SBC, even if they’re listening to an Apple Music stream in AAC. iPhone users should look for wireless headphones that can decode AAC for the perfect match to its Apple Music service. But, LDAC is making headway and demand among the Apple faithful is strong, someday we may see LDAC support on the iPhone too which would be a huge step in bit-rate over AAC.

With its rugged build quality and easy to use controls, the RBH H2s are easily the only earbuds you’ll need for workouts, on-the-go or just lounging your in your living-space. There’s nothing like the sonic quality the ProStereo H2 offers at this price, and with a fresh set of Comply eartips, you really get the power and punch of up-tempo music while never sacrificing the upper-midrange detail. RBH and i.Tech have a clear winner on their hands.


  • LDAC and aptX HD in one product
  • Rugged build
  • Great sound at a great price


  • No AAC Bluetooth codec support - Android centric
  • EQ setting doesn’t identify itself, you must restart to be certain you’re back to “Normal” or no-EQ
  • No color variety, gunmetal grey is your only choice

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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