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PSB M4U 8 Wireless High Performance Headphone Preview

PSB M4U 8 Wireless Headphones

PSB M4U 8 Wireless Headphones


  • Product Name: M4U 8 Wireless High Performance Headphone
  • Manufacturer: PSB
  • Review Date: March 04, 2018 08:00
  • MSRP: $399
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!

  • PSB’s most advanced headphone to date
  • Tri-Mode operation: Active with ANC, Active Only and Passive Modes
  • Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC) with four adaptive mics
  • Wireless Bluetooth with aptX HD
  • Exclusive RoomFeel technology for rich, natural sound
  • Improved comfort and ergonomics for enjoyment hours on end
  • Travel Ready with travel case and connection accessories

Audioholics released a detailed analysis of PSB’s wired M4U 2 wired noise-canceling headphones with mixed reviews in 2016.  Although the M4U 2 received high marks for sound quality and battery life, the build quality, compactness, and cable durability was severely lacking. This year at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, PSB released their newest version of the M4U headphone, the M4U 8 WIRELESS headphone. The M4U 8 is PSB’s first wireless headphone and the company’s most advanced headphone design to date. For fans of the best-selling M4U 2 launched in 2012, this is great news especially with the cable length and durability issues from the previous model. 

The M4U 8 is a wireless Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphone with Tri-Mode operation and PSB’s exclusive RoomFeel technology.  The Tri-Mode operation means that the headphone has three ways in which you can enjoy your music on the go.

1-    Active with ANC mode is recommended for music listening where ambient noise could interfere with the enjoyment of music

2-    Active Only mode is recommended for music listening where ambient noise is not an issue.

3-    Passive mode for when battery life is depleted or an external amplifier is used

Both active modes rely on the two rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries included with the headphone, designed so you can swap out depleted batteries for freshly charged ones, including regular AAA batteries.

Run time is listed at 15 hours in Bluetooth or Active modes and unlike some headphones with ANC, the M4U 8 can be operated passively when battery power has been depleted. The three modes are easily changed with a toggle switch located on the right ear cup.

PSB M4U 8 BoardThe M4U 8 also features PSB’s exclusive RoomFeel technology. Used in all prior PSB headphones, RoomFeel is designed to make music sound more natural by considering the effects of the room on music playback. Almost all recorded music is monitored using direct radiating loudspeakers to determine the acoustic balance for the final mix. RoomFeel scientifically considers the "room gain" that occurs when playing direct radiator loudspeakers in a room which should result in a much richer and more natural listening experience.

Utilizing the DSP capabilities of the M4U 8’s Bluetooth chipset, the implementation of RoomFeel featured in the M4U 8 headphone is the most advanced yet in a PSB headphone. The M4U 8 also features aptX HD enabling 24-bit music quality over a Bluetooth wireless connection which means if your source device is aptX HD enabled, you can get close to CD quality sound through a Bluetooth connection.

There are also two different wired modes of operation - 3.5mm wired connection or via USB from the computer that also recharges the batteries. PSB paid particular attention to comfort and ergonomics on their newest headset. The unique two-way adjustable ear pads are gyro-suspended to conform to your head and the expandable headband offers a wide range of adjustment for a personalized fit. Another huge upgrade to the M4U is the increased compactness. The M4U 8 folds easily and is supplied with a rugged travel case and connection accessories for travel and storage. Tangle-free cords are supplied for wired connection and for USB connection to a computer. The headphone also can be paired with most smartphones and used for phone conversations. A “listen through mode” allows the user to momentarily listen to the outside and can answer a connected phone. Two built-in, hands-free mics provide enhanced clarity.

Like all PSB speakers and headphones, final voicing is performed by Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, at Canada’s famed National Research Council.

“Personal audio has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and with that, the technology and performance of headphones have also made great strides. With the M4U 8, I wanted to create a complete headphone that sounded superb in virtually any environment or application. We placed special attention on its ergonomics so that the user can enjoy listening comfortably for hours on end. I’m confident that anyone who has enjoyed our previous headphones will find the M4U 8 to be a substantial improvement in every respect, with the added convenience of wireless.”

 - Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers.

The original PSB M4U 2 released in 2012 is considered by many to be an exceptional sounding pair of headphones so we’re expecting great sound from the new and thoroughly improved M4U 8. But at 13 ounces and $400, the M4U 8 is almost twice the weight, has a shorter battery run time and is $50 more expensive than the new Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones. We’re not saying it’s apples to apples, but we won't know how much better the PSB M4U 8 is in sound quality until we get one in for review.

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Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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