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Olevia LT30HV Remote, Performance and Conclusion


Remote Control

Olevia LT30HV remote

  • Simple Operation
  • Narrow Profile
  • Lacks programmability
  • No backlighting or nighttime illumination

The remote control furnished with the LT30HV contains all of buttons necessary to operate the display, but is sparse when it comes to extras such as universal codes, programmability, and backlighting. Don't even try to operate this remote in the dark. My recommendation is to purchase an aftermarket remote from the likes of Harmony or Universal, or use the one that came with your A/V system.

Audio & Video Performance

Regardless of the assortment of features that may endow a product, in the end what really matters is its performance and if it will deliver the goods in comparison to its competition and target marketplace. In this regard, the SYNTAX LT30HV does a fair to excellent job, depending on source material.

The audio performance was above average as far as TV's are concerned. There was plenty of headroom in the built in amplifiers and speaker system for casual viewing of cable or non surround type sources. Bass and treble controls offered a good degree of user adjustability of sound. The speaker system revealed clear and intelligible dialogue but a subwoofer was definitely mandatory if you wanted to hear the low tones. Perhaps this is why SYNTAX offered a subwoofer output.

A buzzing sound, attributed to the switching power supply, was slightly audible from my seated position (12 feet away) in a dead quite room to the most discerning listener such as myself. Upon discussing this with SYNTAX Tech Support, they instructed me to configure the Backlight setting in the video menu to "Bright". In normal mode, the Display doesn't fully load the power supply leading to the noise I was experiencing. I also noted that in "Bright" mode, a more dynamic picture was achieved. SYNTAX told me they now ship the unit defaulted to the "Bright" setting and I also recommend this setting based on my experience with this unit.

The video performance on substandard signal feeds, such as broadcast/cable reception or standard VHS is sub par to fair. However it is important to note that video performance on poor signal feeds generally produces the same result across most digital Displays, thus this is not a negative specifically to the Syntax Olevia LCD TV . While viewing standard satellite broadcasts and old VHS tapes, motion lag and graininess was clearly visible with these poor video signals, which had me yearning for my old CRT tube based display during these instances. These image anomalies are known as Posterization and Solarization . This is a characteristic of most all fixed pixel display devices, though some handle this better than others depending on the quality of the internal scalar of the monitor.

My short lived desire for a CRT Display quickly dissolved once I fed the LTV30HV an HD signal from my Dish network system or a 1080i signal from my Denon DVD-5900 via the DVI connection. This is where the LT30HV truly shined and should spend most of its viewing life. This is not a dissimilar comparison to a high performance audio system attempting to playback a poor quality recording. On very revealing systems, you will hear the compression and/or distortion of the bad recording as graininess or harshness. The basic principles we have become familiar with in audio; garbage in = garbage out; seemed to apply with equal favor for video applications, particularly when dealing with new digital displays. While I would have liked to see some digital processing enhancements built into this display to better manage poor video signals, I recognize that this feature is now only starting to surface on much more costly display systems.


The SYNTAX Olevia LT30HV LCD Multi Media Display represents a breakthrough in value to performance, unachievable only a few years ago when LCD displays were first introduced. It offers fair to excellent video performance, depending on source, has ample inputs and outputs to accommodate even the most sophisticated installations, and has a good degree of picture control adjustments for optimizing calibration. Whether you're looking for a budget, lightweight, space saving, high definition video display for a secondary bedroom system or family room or you're ready to dump your old bulky CRT tube display while dabbling in HD quality sources or DVD, the Olevia LT30HV won't disappoint. Digital is the future and the time to embrace it has never been any better, and certainly NOT more affordable!


MSRP: $1599
20480 E. Business Parkway
City of Industry, CA 91789
(909) 859-8400
Fax: (909) 859-8401
[email protected]

About Syntax Groups
Headquartered in Southern California, Syntax Groups (www.syntaxgroups.com) controls a powerful end-to-end supply chain including R & D, panel supply, mass manufacturing, channel sales and support of its high-value, low-priced Olevia brand of widescreen HDTV-ready LCD TVs. Produced through DigiMedia Technology, a joint venture company formed in Taiwan by Syntax and Taiwan Kolin, Olevia LCD TVs feature superior specifications and market-leading low prices, with a unique, free first-year onsite warranty service program. Syntax has rapidly gained popularity and established broad distribution of its Olevia LCD TVs through leading Internet sales channels, and regional and national consumer electronics stores throughout North America and internationally in Asia.

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