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Yamaha RX-V2095 Jumpers, Video Switching & LFE

by August 30, 2004

Q: I read your several reviews on the Yamaha RX-V2095, and thanks for sharing your insight with us. I have the following questions: (I have also posted this message on your Audio A/V forum)

I have heard that we should replace the metallic jumper at the back panel of the 2095 with a silver/copper jumper to improve sound quality. Could you please comment on that?

A: The jumpers that Yamaha supplies should provide adequate termination as is. Since these jumpers are small in size and fit snug on the connectors, it should be fine. However, you may wish to experiment with more exotic jumpers coated with silver or at least galvanized to avoid erosion with time.

Q: 2. For my video signals, I am running component video (Synergistic Research Video 1000) from my DVD player to my monitor and ordinary composite video (also from Synergistic Research) from VCR to monitor. Since I am not using the 2095 for video processing, do you think, I am missing out?, I like the picture with the component video.

A: The Yamaha RX-V2095 acts as a video switcher only, not a video processor. At best, it will maintain video integrity of original source. It will in no way enhance video performance. The only thing you are sacrificing by not using the RX-V2095 as a video switcher is the On Screen Displays. You may wish to hook up a RCA cable from the monitor out of the RX-V2095 to an unused input of your TV so that you may access the OSD when needed.

Q: 3. I am unable to get my sub woofer to kick in. I have set my speakers to large and sub to LFE, should it be to both instead? (I have the Mirage 490's main, OM-C2 center, OM-R2 rears and BPS-150I sub).

A: If your speakers are small, or unable to produce bass in the lower frequencies with authority (20Hz - 60Hz), you should set these speakers small. If your mains are large, Set the LFE/Bass out to both and see what happens. This should boost the sub out the LFE by about 4 dB. Your sub preamp may require the higher voltage to turn the sub on. Check your Sub and LFE levels and also check the volume on your sub as well as the crossover setting. Set the sub's crossover to maximum frequency as the RX-V2095 has its own built in 24 dB/Oct LPF.

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