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What? iPods and Massages Don't Mix?

by Julie Jacobson April 17, 2006

Best Buy has closed its original eq-life store in Richfield, Minn., a suburb of the Twin Cities. The retailer is keeping two other Twin Cities stores. One of those is right near my house, thank goodness. It gives me a good chuckle every time I drive by.

Short for "equilibrium" and "lifestyle," these crazy stores opened up last year to serve primarily women who are interested in--get ready for this, it's the store motto--health, wellness and technology.

Alongside vitamins, makeup, zen-inducing CDs and defibrillators, are MP3 players and other electronic gizmos.

There is a big plasma in my local eq-life store, but it isn't for sale. Last time I walked in, the TV displayed a big promotion for "creating the perfect updo."

Updo. You don't usually see that term in a store with a Geek Squad kiosk. Yes, ladies can visit with a geek while they're waiting in line for their massages. By the way, I got my husband a massage at eq-life for his birthday. But then, that's my sense of humor...

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