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Introducing the NEW Media Servers - page 2

By The DVD Insider

It's really great. All of that audio/video content streaming in from the Internet, your cable, your satellite system, outerspace. Then you have the photos, videos you produce as well as that school and office work you do along with the huge volumes of information you download from the web…because you may need it.

Only thing left is a place to store it! Bigger and bigger hard drives are cheaper and cheaper so that's a good solution. Of course they die at the most inopportune times and BAM!!!! there goes your content.

Of course you can archive all of that content with some off-site, over-the-internet storage service…somewhere????

You could wait for two-three years for the great blue hope. But it is going to take time - lots of time to punch out a compromise standard now that everyone in the industry is involved and is looking for his/her piece of the royalty pie.

We'll say it again (yes we'll probably say it again and again), the CD and DVD has years of life left in their respective formats because players are in almost universal usage. CD players are so cheap they are considered disposable. DVD players, drives and recorders are downright economical - players at under $20, burners under $50 and recorders inching to the sub-$100 level. This year it is estimated that 0.68 billion recorders will be sold and 2.54 billion players. And the number of blue technology units will be ?????

But you say you want to record all that great new HighDef content streaming to your house? Or you have that fantastic new HD camcorder that just sucks up storage capacity and needs blue-based media.

Let's see now the new blue promises are going to hold up to 12 hours of HighDef movies. Do you need/want 12 hours of movies on one disc? Do you capture 12 hours of breathtaking family vacation, holiday, sporting events, ballet recitals, birthdays and more that you want on a single disc?

And that's before you even ask what the disc costs or where you're going to be able to play it, the answers are expensive and almost nowhere!!!

Optionally a very good, brand name CD costs almost nothing and holds about 15 minutes of HighDef. Well edited, that's a lot of the ballet recital or the kids' soccer/football games (at least all the "good stuff" you're interested in). Or if you use an ADS PVR to capture your favorite TV show and "by-pass" all the fantastic commercials, you end up with about 15 minutes.

Want all the commercials? A high quality DVD disc (+/-R) will hold 1-hour and 20-minutes of HighDef. Ironically that's about how long most movies are as well. Want more HighDef stored? Well a Verbatim DL disc (+/-R dual/double layer) will store two hours of movie.

The storage cost compared to blue promises? CHEAP!!!!

Play it anywhere? RIGHT!

Remember Figures 1 and 2? There are going to be discs around for a LLLOOONNNGG time. The industry is throwing a lot of technology at us at an ever-increasing rate. There's only a finite amount of new technology our brains can absorb before they suffer from data overload.

We've barely mastered our wireless connectivity and how to protect our systems from all the SPAM and viruses that are thrown at us, let alone the hackers who can sit across the airport waiting room to tap into our system to do gawd knows what (sheesh we're getting paranoid)!

We've figured out how to use our PVR so we can grab the HighDef TV shows we've just "gotta" watch…sometime.

At a higher level we want to see the world achieve Dr. King's vision of freedom.

When it comes to our home system and home entertainment, we have to stoop to Homer Simpson's view…"Alright Brain...Its all up to you."

Content is being developed at an unbelievable rate. Delivery mechanism hardware, software and services are rushing to get you on their version of Dr. King's Freedom Train.

They are all promising the same thing. And in theory, it will all work together simply, easily, reliably and economically. Or as Bart said, "sure, in theeoory, in theory communism works...


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