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Disney Patents Mood Sensing Media Player

by January 29, 2006

Potentially one of the creepiest new media technologies to come along in awhile, Jan 4th Disney entered a patent for a mood sensing media player. Once the device has been given a chance to build a profile on you it's supposed to predict your mood and what kind of music you want to hear and then play it back.

Using a wrist strap like the kind used with a lie detector it reads your pulse, temperature and perspiration. The player will make a selection for you that you can choose to hear or reject, forcing its algorithm to make another selection. The mood sensing media player will learn your taste in music based on your vital signs.

Could this be the sign of a future Apple mood iPod? Yes, it's idle speculation. But it's not hard to see Steve Jobs affiliation with Disney resulting in a collaborative effort to market a media device with the powerful iPod brand. Does anyone feel comfortable with Disney (or Apple) trying to get inside your head? If the playback device has access to the internet for its library, could Disney sell or trade your profile to interested parties?

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