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Defective Software in Sony LCD TVs

by February 14, 2006

Remember Sony's new Bravia line of LCD and LCD rear projector TVs that launched late last year? These were the TVs marketed with ads showing 250,000 colorful rubber balls bouncing through hilly streets of San Francisco made famous in countless movie car chase scenes. It seems Sony might have rushed these sets into production prematurely. Many of the Bravia including some Grand Wega LCD TVs are having problems shutting off.

Sony Corp announced on Tuesday Feb 14th that some 400,000 Bravia liquid crystal display devices manufactured through November '05 shipped with faulty software . Many of these TVs begin showing the symptom after 1,200 hours of use where they can't be switched off or brought out of stand-by mode. The sets with defective software were sold in North America, South America and Asia. If you have a set affected with this defect you can go to Sony's support site for detailed instructions.

If you've got a set that is affected with this problem and won't shut down, the TV can be reset by unplugging it from your AC line. Sony says the issue is easily resolved with a software update. Bravia owners can perform the update themselves. With verification from Sony's support site you'll have a repair shipped to you. Grand Wega owners will have to schedule a visit from a Sony authorized technician.

Known affected models:


Grand Wega

Sony Support says: "Sony is providing the software update at no charge to owners of affected televisions through March 1, 2008. Terms of Sony's limited warranty otherwise continue to apply. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and will continue to provide superior customer service for Sony televisions."

Reuters estimates put the number of TVs affected with the problem at approximately 10% out of 4.2 million LCD direct view and rear-projection TVs Sony will be shipping through March. Sony's misfortune could be to cross town LCD rival Sharp's advantage. Sony only pulled ahead of Sharp in the LCD market late last year. A large part of Sony's success was the late '05 launch of the Bravia line just in time for North America's Christmas rush. Perhaps this will translate in a loss of confidence in the Sony name that is steadily losing ground in the LCD market from Sharp and Samsung.

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