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Cisco Systems to Be Another CE Player

by January 18, 2006

You can now add Cisco Systems to the companies vying for your attention at upcoming Consumer Electronics Shows. Charles Giancarlo, Chief Development Office for Cisco Systems made a surprise announcement this week in an interview with the Financial Times. The internet communications manufacturer is going to delve into the consumer electronics market with products ranging from phones to home theater equipment.

"Consumer electronics companies have been able to compete on a standalone device, but the dynamics of the market are changing… The Internet and new networking requirements are enough of a disruptor for us to enter a new market." Charles Giancarlo told the Financial Times .

Cisco Systems started in 1984 building enterprise routing equipment for the new internet and quickly became one of the most successful companies in recent history. Cisco has since expanded their reach into many forms of data routing and communications for both enterprise and consumer markets. It was only a matter of time before Cisco saw opportunity for further expansion with the recent popularity of internet and wi-fi home entertainment devices. We look forward to early reviews of the companies first set top boxes, Cisco is sure to bring a well connected angle to home theater.

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