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Cablevision to Test Remote Storage Video Recorder

by March 27, 2006

Cablevision Systems, a Cable TV provider that serves areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is working on a unique remote PVR (Personal Video Recorder) system that will let users record, pause, rewind and fast - forward their subscribed programming. It'll operate just like a PVR except that no additional hardware will be required. Subscribers won't need to upgrade to a terminal with a built in hard disk to enjoy the benefits of PVR. All the storage will be retained at Cablevision's facilities and accessed via remote control by subscribers through their existing cable boxes.

Tom Rutledge, Cablevision's chief operating officer said in a press release. "The service would allow Cablevision to offer digital video recording capability to its 2 million digital-cable customers without rolling out a truck or swapping out a set-top-box."

Cablevision says the new system will save money on install and maintenance of a PVR rollout. The money saved should be passed on to the customers as the new service should cost less than the cost of a PVR rental.

So far Cablevision says the system will be tested in the Long Island area first where subscribers will get enough remote disk space for 45 hours of program recording and will be able to record two shows simultaneously while watching another pre-recorded show. Cablevision dubbed the new service "Remote Storage Video Recorder".

Analysts are already calling it another sign of impending doom for struggling TiVo Inc. But hurdles for TiVo are nothing new. What this should really signify is that the Cable TV / Telephony cold war is just starting to heat up. Are the Cable TV companies trying to woo its customer base in this calm before the IPTV competition storm?

Recently AT & T's Ed Whitacre read the riot act to Cable TV providers as he plans to provide them tough competition with IPTV. Third party PVR services like TiVo and ReplayTV could be collateral casualties in the data line service wars. As disk storage gets cheaper and digital lines get fatter expect the Cable TV and Phone companies to trip over each other trying to make subscriber PVR business paradigm a relic of the past.

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