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Ask AVRant #1: Cats and Qualifications

by June 15, 2007
AVRant - YOUR source for AV talk others wont say

AVRant - YOUR source for AV talk others won't say

AVRant has issued its first installment of Ask AVRant. J. Walker Clarke (a fellow reviewer and husband to the Podcasting phenomena that is our very own Dina) joins Tom in a more technical discussion. "How to deal with cats and speakers" is addressed as are the "qualifications" of the Audioholics crew (and this is a segment that really should NOT be missed). There will be other Ask AVRant episodes in the future so keep the calls coming in to the AVRant offline rant number: 978-OFF-RANT.

Oh, and we seriously doubt that dust on your drivers will make an audible difference… but big holes caused by rabid or otherwise disgruntled cats will.

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