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Integra DTR-70.4 9.2 Channel Receiver Preview

Integra Research DTR-70.4 Receiver

Integra Research DTR-70.4 Receiver


  • Product Name: DTR-70.4
  • Manufacturer: Integra
  • Review Date: September 07, 2012 05:00
  • MSRP: $2800
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Most dedicated readers of Audioholics will be aware that Integra is the high end/custom install arm of Onkyo. They'll also be aware that Onkyo has a habit of shoehorning just about every conceivable feature into their products at price points most think are impossible to hit. So when Integra announces a new receiver (in this case, it is a line of receivers, we're just focusing on the top of the line), we get excited. Very. Because no matter what we think, Integra will find a way to surprise us.

First, lets start off the with basics. The new Integra line is what we'll call the .4 line. It includes the new DTR-70.4 which we'll be covering here aw well as a ADM-20.4, a 75-watt, two-channel amplifier designed for remote zone applications or extra, unpowered channels, and the DMI-40.4, an iDock with Apple AirPlay. The rest of the DTR-.4 receivers (DTR-20.4, DTR-30.4, DTR-40.4, and DTR-50.4 were all released earlier as was the DTM-40.4 Network Stereo Receiver.

The main claim to fame of the DTR-70.4 is it's 9.2 channels and DTS Neo:X 11 channel support.Obviously, Integra wants you to pair the new 70.4 with the ADM-20.4 two channel amp so that you can get all 11 channels of surround goodness. It also allows for a discrete Zone two HDMI output, but more on that later. Sporting 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the DTR-70.4 has received THX's highest certification - Ultra2 Plus. This means that the Integra 70.4 should have no problems driving even problematic speakers in very large home theaters. The 11.1 channel DTS Neo:X allows for both front height and width speakers as well as surround back.


Glancing at the back, we see a wide range of connections. There are 11 pairs of speaker terminals for easy configuration switching without having to swap wires. There are nine HDMI inputs and two outputs, one of which can be routed discretely to Zone 2 (this is very cool and rare). The Integra DTR-70.4 supports up to four Zones of audio (with a subwoofer output for Zones 2, 3, and 4) and can power all those Zones. Video can be sent to Zone 2 via HDMI or composite. For the main home theater, there are 11.4 outputs (the subwoofer outputs are stereo but there are two outputs for each subwoofer channel) and additional RCA outputs for the three additional Zones. This makes the DTR-70.4 highly flexible in it's use something sure to impress custom installers.

There is a front and rear mounted USB ports (Made for iPhone certified) and a front HDMI input that is MHL compatible (Mobile High-definition Link) making compatible devices much easier to use. Of course. all the rest of the latest technology is included with the Integra DTR-70.4 including top of the line Audyssey features such as MultEQ XT32 room correction, DSX, Sub EQ, and more. Dolby Pro Logic IIz is on board giving you all the different height/width channel options that are currently on the market and not tied to a specific manufacturer. Very notably, InstaPreview is included which allows users Picture-in-Picture functionality of HDMI sources along with fast switching. This is a feature we want to see on ALL A/V receivers and we're hoping it trickles down to more models soon.

Of course, 3D is supported as is ARC (Audio Return Channel). The Integra DTR-70.4 is networked and can stream Internet radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, iRadio, Spotify, Slacker, Aupeo!, and last.fm. Integra's control app can be used to control the DTR-70.4 and it is compatible with a number of Integra optional dock. The 54 pound DTR-70.4 has many more features that will interest both consumers and custom installers. At an estimated $2800, this is truly a flagship offering by Integra.


While $2800 is a lot for a receiver, considering the cutting edge features and flexibility, the Integra DTR-70.4 seems to be worth it. With 140 watts per channel, THX Ultra2 Plus certification, DTS Neo:X 11 channel support, MHL, InstaPreview, and four powered Zones of audio, there is something for everyone. While there was nothing on the Integra spec sheet that blew us away, we're guessing the new DTR-70.4 is going to become a favorite of custom installers because of its power, features, and flexibility. And frankly, we think they are going to have a lot of very happy customers.

For more information, please visit www.integrahometheater.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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