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Integra Research RDC-7: History of Integra Research

By Steve DellaSala

The RDC-7 Past, Present and Future

Integra Research has paved the way and set the standard for audiophile products with the design and creation of the RDC-7. Recognizing that there are a number of people hoping to purchase something that will last and not become obsolete by new formats or technologies, Integra Research designed the RDC-7 for both hardware and software upgradeability. The unit has an RS-232 Port for easy software upgrades and to Communicate with AMX, PHAST, Crestron or Other Similar Control Systems. Where the RDC-7 stands apart from many other software upgradeable products is that it was designed and built with modularized electronics for hardware upgrades. When looking under the cover of the RDC-7, it's obvious that Integra Research modularized the PC boards and hardware so they can be easily removed, upgraded or replaced by an authorized technician. In fact, the inside of this unit is reminiscent of today's modular PC's.

Inside.jpgBy modularizing the RDC-7, Integra Research has increased the service life of this processor by reducing the chance of obsolescence. The first upgrade to the RDC-7 happened two years ago with the addition of DTS-ES and Dolby ProLogic II. This upgrade was provided at no charge. The second upgrade included THX Ultra2, DTS 96/24 and variable subwoofer crossover at a cost of $500. All RDC-7's currently being sold now include both upgrades. Future hardware related upgrades will be market driven and may include additional IEEE connectors.


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