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Sencore SP395 SoundPro Audio Integrator

by November 09, 2006
Sencore SP395 SoundPro Audio Integrator

Sencore SP395 SoundPro Audio Integrator

Here's What The SP395 Audio Integrator Delivers:

Fast and accurate adjustments of speaker coverage and cluster alignment, time delays and speaker frequency response equalization; ensures a high-performance, problem free installation.

Tests and documents band-specific background noise, room reverberation, and speech intelligibility to identify problem areas and sign-off the system installation.

Easy to use and interpret user-interface helps you quickly make the test and get the readings you need.

Portable, battery operated (5 hours run time) and handheld instrument in a ruggedized case means you can make precise audio system measurements wherever you do audio system installations.

Optional software feature add-ons such as speech intelligibility, time delay analysis and more mean you are never caught short.


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