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Recommended Reference Audio Books

by March 28, 2008

For those who really enjoy this hobby and want to better themselves, we've assembled a list of some books that really touch upon some topics that we find are invaluable. While we can't support each and every word stated in these books, we feel that for the most part they will offer helpful tips and insights into the particular areas which they address. Becoming an audioholic doesn't happen overnight - and it comes about by equal parts experimentation, association and study. These books will be a great reference for those looking to get a leg up in the world of audio and video.

Mastering Audio, the Art and the Science

by Bob Katz | Price: $43.95 | Buy It Now

The new edition of this best seller provides a thorough introduction to the unique procedures and technical issues involved in mastering, the last creative step in the process of album production. Katz, with an extensive practical and technical knowledge, covers the technical detail of the subject in an informative but humorous style. Updates include mastering output formats, approaches to media verification, ergonomic routing software, deterioration in sound quality and a new chapter on mastering surround. To see what else Bob is up to, head over to Digital Domain, Bob's mastering company.

Recording Studio Design, Second Edition

by Philip Newell | Price: $67.96 | Buy It Now

Recording Studio Design is essential reading for anyone involved in building, renovating and maintaining recording studios. Good acoustics in a recording studio is crucial to the success of a project, and the financial implications of failure means getting things right first time is essential. In straightforward language Newell covers the key basic principles of acoustics, electro-acoustics and psychoacoustics and their application to studio design. Fully updated to reflect current technology and practice additional sections include digital signal processing, design for soundtrack mixing and foley rooms, providing a complete reference offering real solutions to help improve the success rate of any studio.

Sound Reproduction - Loudspeakers and Rooms

by Floyd E. Toole | Price: $49.95 | Buy It Now

Dr. Floyd Tool, a former staffer at Harman, goes into exquisite detail on some new and old concepts for sound reproduction. In this book he takes readers from basic principles such as sound fields in rooms and reflections to such in-depth topics such as room design theory and best practices. Along the way he enters into some controversial areas, including the abilities of users to compensate for an existing room's acoustics in evaluating loudspeakers and system sound as well as the beneficial nature of first reflection points. It's a good, though long, read that has earned a position on our reference shelf.

Audio Sampling, A Practical Guide

by Sam McGuire and Roy Pritts | Price: $34.95 | Buy It Now

Bringing sampling to a new generation of audio engineers and composers Audio Sampling explains how to record and create sampled instruments in a software setting. There are many things that go into creating a sampled instrument and many things that can go wrong, this book is a step by step guide through the process, from introducing sampling, where it begins to recording editing and using samples, providing much sought after detailed information on the actual process of sampling, creating sampled instruments as well as the different ways they can be used. The software used is the NN-XT a sampler that is a part of the Reason studio software and ProTools LE, however the material discussed is applicable and can be used with any sampler. The companion website has exclusive material including a comprehensive comparison of the different hardware software available, as well as audio examples and video clips from each stage of the process.

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

by David M. Howard and James Angus | Price: $89.95 | Buy It Now

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics is ideal for students of music technology, sound recording, traditional music and acoustics, as well as engineers studying audio, multimedia and communications systems. Gain a practical understanding of how real musical sounds behave and are perceived in real spaces with this accessible and interesting read. This third edition offers a CD of audio examples, crucial for a clear understanding of the concepts discussed.

Digital Audio Essentials

by Bruce Fries and Marty Fries | Price: $34.95 | Buy It Now

Whether it's downloading music, ripping CDs, organizing, finding, and creating higher quality music files, buying music players and accessories, or constructing a home stereo system, Digital Audio Essentials helps you do get it done. The book - for both Mac and PC users - includes reliable hardware and software recommendations, tutorials, resources, and file sharing, and it even explains the basics of the DMCA and intellectual property law. You may (or may not) already know the basics of ripping CDs or downloading music, but Fries will show you so much more - including advice on the multitude of MP3 players on the market, stereo options, file formats, quality determinations, and the legalities of it all. Both a timely, entertaining guide and an enduring reference, this is the digital audio handbook you need to make the most of your expanding digital music collection.

Loudspeakers for Music Recording

by Bruce Fries and Marty Fries | Price: $54.95 | Buy It Now

Need advice on which type of speaker to use and where? Very often the choice and positioning of loudspeakers is down to intuition, hearsay and chance. This practical guide explores the link between experience and the technology, giving you a better understanding of the tools you are using and why, leading to greatly improved results. Newell and Holland share years of experience in the design, application and use of loudspeakers for recording and reproducing music. Get practical advice on the applications of different loudspeakers to the different phases of the music recording and reproduction chain. If you are using loudspeakers in a recording studio, mastering facility, broadcasting studio, film post production facility, home or musician’s studio, or you inspire to improve your music reproduction system this book will help you make the right decisions.

Sound System Engineering

by Don Davis and Eugene Patronis | Price: $83.95 | Buy It Now

The newly released Sound System Engineering provides an accurate, complete, and concise working tool for all those involved in audio engineering. This fully updated third edition runs the gamut of sound system design from the simplest all-analog paging system to the largest multipurpose digital systems. Written by two leading authorities in the field of audio engineering, this highly respected guide covers the fundamentals necessary for the understanding of today’s systems as well as for those systems yet to come.

Testing Loudspeakers

by Joseph D'Appolito | Price: $34.95 | Buy It Now

This book is an invaluable reference for the dedicated speaker builder. Not intended for the novice, it covers in-depth driver testing, low frequency system electrical impedance tests, frequency response acoustical testing of single and multiple drivers, and techniques for deriving Thiele-Small parameters using both analog and PC based methods. Written by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito, contributing editor for Speaker Builder magazine. He also pioneered the extremely popular "D'Appolito" woofer-tweeter-woofer driver configuration, seen in many successful loudspeakers systems. This soon-to-be-classic clearly explains the proper way to acoustically test and measure a loudspeaker.

We'll add more books as they come across our desk or are brought to our attention.


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