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Master TVA30 Guitar Amp Conclusion

By Steve DellaSala

The Master TVA30 is a great option for someone looking for an economical, non-commercial guitar amp that provides great performance and useful options. The amp head appears to be built very well and is fully capable of performing better than anything in its price class. Though I pointed out some mechanical shortcomings, these do not take away from the overall tone and performance of the amp. For the price, it’s nice to see two channels, one for clean and one for over drive, and an effects loop. The system also comes with a two button foot controller to help you switch between channels with ease. When considering that it retails for $869, there are very little options that can compete. Though, if you are an audio fanatic like me, it may be worth springing anywhere between $90 to $120 for a different speaker from companies like Weber, Eminence or Celestion. Another investment would come when the china made tubes eventually wear. At that time, I’d consider swapping them for something with a more robust build. A great place to buy is www.thetubestore.com. I’ve found their pricing competitive and their level of technical understanding to be far better than other on-line stores or guitar centers. Even with these investments, you are still only around $1,000 for a great combo that is portable and very well made.


US Master TVA30 Head and Cabinet Scorecard
MSRP: $869 (as reviewed)

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About US Masters

US Masters is known for crafting made in the USA Guitars and Basses using fine woods and modern CNC equipment to keep them affordable. They engineered a high quality guitar amplifier to extend their product offerings, and have it fabricated in China in order to keep it under $1,000. US Masters provides excellent customer support and is a reliable source to buy direct.

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