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Velodyne SPL-800 Conclusion


The SPL-800 served my two channel system well for a few months, that is, until I decided to upgrade the system and move it into my master bedroom. Now it was time to give the SPL-800 a real work out, in a room almost double the size, and determine if it was worthy of its reputable name. I recently upgraded my secondary audio system to a full fledged multi channel system, and convinced my wife that moving it into our master bedroom for the ultimate lazy movie viewing experience was a good idea. After all, how can you beat a good home theater system while resting in the comforts of your own bed?

In fact, we soon found ourselves viewing, or should I say listening, to more and more movies in bed then previously envisioned. Thanks to the small footprint sported by the SPL-800, it fit quite nicely behind my front right speaker next to the entrance of the room. I was a bit concerned at first that my placement choice did not directly couple the SPL-800 to a corner wall. After setting and calibrating all of the levels appropriately with my trusty Radio Shack SPL meter and Avia set-up disc, I began re-evaluating the SPL-800. This time I noticed the SPL-800 had a more challenging time to fill the larger room with low end bass. I had to really crank the subwoofer volume level this time and it seemed I did loose much of the lowest ½ octave of bass that was more prominent in my smaller room. The SPL-800 handled most of my DVD movies without appreciable lack of depth that

I was accustomed to with my larger and more expensive reference subwoofer in my living room. The opening scenes from Toy Story 2 where Buzz Lightyear rockets blasted towards an alien planet controlled by Zurg were quite satisfying. Watching the familiar scene in Air Force One where the refueling plan blew up as a result of the sparks when the fueling rod abruptly disconnected with Air Force One, weren't quit as thrilling as I was accustomed to. On my reference sub in my living room, I could almost feel the burning flames that destroyed the fueling craft. However, the SPL-800 reproduced this scene with conviction and unlike any other sub I have ever heard in its footprint.

At this point I found myself wishing I would have asked Velodyne for the SPL-1000 or 1200, but it wasn't really a fair to comparison. The SPL-800 was obviously better suited for space sensitive small to medium sized rooms located in close proximity to a corner wall. I was reaching the limits of its intended application and set-up, yet it still delivered quite nicely. When I set the crossover point up another 20Hz, it helped to provide a bit more slam that I demanded for movie viewing. However, I couldn't help to wonder if this is one of Velodyne's more compact subs, how would their behemoth active servo products perform? Perhaps that is something I will have to ask Velodyne in the future, and maybe they will take this subtle hint to send me one.

Overall I was quite pleased and surprised by the level of performance the little SPL-800 produced in my various set-ups. I was however more impressed with its abilities for home theater than for serious two channel audio, but felt it would serve both quit nicely for someone looking for a high performance compact sub to fill a small to medium sized listening room with quality low tones without breaking your bank account.

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