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Legacy Audio Studio HD Conclusion


Legacy Studio CherryCan I just say these are amazing speakers and a great value, and leave it there?  Probably not.  After all, there are plenty of speakers that deliver fantastic detail, dynamics, and imaging.  However, to my ears, the Legacy Studio HDs provided the best mid and high frequency detail that I’ve ever heard in my room.  They cast a huge image that is forgiving of positioning, and they reproduce frequency range and dynamics on par with some of the best bookshelves (though a subwoofer is still required for full-range impact.)  Simply put, at the end of several nights of listening sessions since these speakers arrived, I’ve fallen asleep each time thinking about how good these speakers sounded while I was listening.  I’ve had to fight the urge to get out of bed and go back to listening, beauty rest be damned.  If this is Legacy’s entry level, I’d hate to think about how much sleep I’d lose listening to their higher-end models.

Of course, they should sound good.  Despite being downright modestly priced compared to some high end offerings, they are also the second-most expensive bookshelf speakers I’ve had in my room.  Nonetheless, I consider them one of the best values I’ve heard, especially, when taking into account the return on a long-term investment for a lifetime of good sound and pride of ownership of having a  US-made speaker so well crafted.

If I were talking to myself from 10 years ago, past-Marshall would think I was crazy for calling an $1,800/pair speaker a remarkable value.  Of course, he also thought Canadian LTD was "good hooch" and only owned two pairs of shoes.  But, present-day-Marshall finds himself appreciating the vast distance between "good" and "good enough".  The Legacy Studio HDs are exciting and refined speakers, but priced at a point that even past-Marshall could have afforded if he’d only redirected some money from his whiskey budget.  If he had, he'd still be happy listening to them 10 years later.  I can’t give the Legacy Audio Studio HD speakers anything less than my highest recommendation for speakers in the $1,000/each or less category.

Legacy Audio Studio HD Bookshelf/Monitor Speaker Youtube Video Review

Legacy Audio Studio HD Review
MSRP: $1795/pair

3023 E Sangamon Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702
United States of America

Contact Details:
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone:  800-283-4644 or (217) 544-3178
Web: http://www.legacyaudio.com

Sales: [email protected]

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